Former rock musician, composer and producer, Kazuma Ogaeri was commissioned in 1991 as a photographer for the Japanese Magazine Hot-Dog PRESS. He therefore devoted himself to his passion and founded in 2004 a photography school based in Tokyo.
His work focuses primarily on ordinary women and students - his models are all amateurs.

Moso operates a subtle shift in the world around us to a universe full of sexual tension which is both powerful and delicate, like suspended: a distortion from the fantasies and the eye of the photographer.

There is in this book something about the refined and fixed aesthetics from the movies Shokuzai by Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Le Labyrinthe des Rêves by Sogo Ishii, something about the ethereal slip to a parallel world that almost always operates in the literature of Haruki Murakami, or even more to the nostalgia and childhood memories anchored and deformed by the emerging impulses as in the manga Mirages d'été 「枇杷の樹の下で」 by Kazu Yuzuki, finally, the obvious influences of Nobuyoshi Araki and Kishin Shinoyama. Also, the pervasive, sensual and soothing nature.

Moso poetically explores the traditional representations of the Japanese eroticism in four chapters:

少女 la fille – 自然 la nature – 鉄道 le train – 女性 la femme